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Time to Refresh

It’s been a very busy spring and with the warmer weather I’ve been outside playing with dirt – literally.  Planting, creating new garden beds, hauling rocks, hauling mulch, deliberating on which potted plants I want to put out on the deck and porch.  The potted plants reminded me of this old plant stand I’ve had for a number of years.

the original planter

(It sits level.  I just took a crooked picture!)  Green may be the color of the year, I’m no longer feeling it and since I’m no longer using it I’ve decided to sell it.  However, I felt a new color scheme was needed to freshen it up.  It’s metal and can be used indoors or out so first I gave it a coat of spray primer.

Rustoleum for a base…

Looking better already!


Then I decided an ocean blue and white color scheme would really set off the style of the planter and complement any potted plant.  The trick was covering those metal flowers to keep them white while spraying on the blue.

very crisp and clean in blue and white…

So much better.  Now I think someone would buy it and give it a good home.



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