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Is It Bigger Than a Bread Box?

So I found this old wood bread box for free (my favorite kind of sale).

this is the original breadbox I started with...

the original freebie I started with…

check out the roomy interior

check out the roomy interior

Using it as a bread box isn’t a good idea where I live because the bread will become moldy before I finish it, but I thought it would make a great mail station. So first I painted it a creamy white so that it wouldn’t stand out too much on the kitchen counter. Then I started designing my transfers.

First I found an image that said Postcards for the top. Then on my computer I created an old postmark and return addresses from friends and family over the years. Transferring these images was a bit tricky.

the top of the box

the top of the box

While I experimented with different techniques on a painted wooden piece I plan to repaint, for unknown reasons it just wasn’t working the same on the bread box, which meant repainting the base — several times. Some images I printed on waxed paper and transferred by using a damp sponge on the painted box, laying the image face down on it and using a credit card rubbing the back side of the paper. Others I made laser copies and used my heat tool. Don’t even ask me why one technique didn’t work for all the images. I still don’t know.

...and here's the entire front and top

…and here’s the entire front with postmark and return labels

I even found some old postcards that I transferred to the sides of the box.

this is one side view

this is one side view

So now I have a place to hide all the mail that looks neater than laying in an open basket.  Now that it’s been sitting around for a few months, I’m thinking of repainting it.  At least now I know the best ways to transfer the designs…



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