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Keeping the Moet Champagne on the Counter

People who actually cook – not just open a can and pour into a pot, put a plate in the microwave, or plate deli-ready or takeout – have tools of the trade that don’t fit in kitchen drawers.  They still need to be stored in some way yet be easily accessible for use.  Using a cupboard wastes space for pots and pans.  Hanging on the backsplash isn’t always possible — especially if there’s brick or tile.  Besides, that still uses a lot of space and not so tidy.

I used to use this stoneware jar.  It was kept on my baker’s rack in the last kitchen, then on the counter next to the stove in the present kitchen.

my original 'tool' bucket from the nursery department

my original ‘tool’ bucket from the nursery department

However, I outgrew the space when I added some tools, so I went rummaging in my house and found an old champagne bucket.  I’ve never used it for champagne.  Only people in the movies actually use them.  Got so excited that I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture.  It looked like plain aluminum.  Grabbed my copper spray paint.  I covered the ‘label’ and kept the inside unpainted.

a little bigger, but it holds everything

a little bigger, but it holds everything

This bucket helps corral all the wooden utensils, the long-handled and odd-shaped ones, the whisks and hand blender…Because these utensils don’t fit easily in any kitchen drawer.




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