Lighting Effects on the Deck

There are numerous ways to add lighting for your yard, deck, patio.  Magazines, websites and blogs are full of ideas for adding a touch of atmosphere for relaxing or partying outside.  I’d seen an idea using cheap solar lights and decided to tweak it to suit my style.

First, grab a hanging basket of your choice that has a center ring like this one:


Since I have a stash of baskets I’ve collected (mostly from garage sales), this cost me nothing.  Since I wanted to create ambiance, more than bright light, I took salsa jars and painted them with Design Master Tint It in a color called Jade, which is actually a light turquoise color as opposed to green.  It’s made for porous surfaces like fabric and wood not made for glass, but I was looking for sheer color and I didn’t want to use some other paint that needed to be baked in the oven since the weather was hot when I did this last year.

Design Master Tint It spray paint

This paint worked just fine on glass.  The trick is spraying thinly and evenly, can quickly get cleaned off if you overspray, but it does dry quickly.  I added a clear sealer.  You can use any other glass paint, even alcohol inks (so long as you add a sealant) if you can’t find colored jars you like.

Then I turned the basket upside down and using thin copper wire, attached the jars to the inner ring of the basket.  (I forgot to take picture in all my excitement!)  Next I took the takes off some cheap solar lights and plopped them in the jars.  The ones I used were $4.00 since I needed the rim of the lights to ‘balance’ on top of the jars without falling in.  The $1 lights were too narrow in diameter for the jars.

Then I hung them using the attached chains from the basket on four corners of the deck.

DIY solar hanging light

Here’s another pic showing it lit:

DIY hanging solar light

It creates customized light for minimal expense.  Once I clean up the deck I’m planning on adding LED string lights under the top of the railing.  For now, I have soft mood lighting.


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