Every Day is a Dog’s Day

Well, the dog days of summer have already arrived for us humans. For dogs, every day is a dog day and even dogs deserve to dine in style.

As my little guy got older, I felt bad that he had to lean his head so far down to eat and thought he deserved to have his bowls somewhat higher to make his life easier. I once had a tray table like this that I pitched in one of my moves. (Didn’t think I’d still use it, silly me.)

basic tray table

basic tray table

So during garage sale season I searched for another ($2) to use for his bowls. The flat surface of this one was shiny, but hey, they say chalk paint can be used on any surface…I scuffed the surface slightly with very fine sandpaper just to ensure some grit.

While they say dogs don’t see colors the same way that people do, they can make out shapes and I wanted this table to be undeniably for the four-legged one.

First I made a stencil of a dog bone shape using the paper tape method and using his bone shaped bowls as a template. Then I had a store-bought stencil of a paw print, which along with creating letters on my computer, I used to stencil the word ‘woof’ on the top of the bone. Clever me.

close up of the table top

close up of the table top

The table top is in a light blue, which is also the base color of the trim and stand.  The stand also got touches of the green, along with a little ivory and pink (for that ‘shabby’ feeling).

the finished table

the finished table

While the word ‘woof’ isn’t visible once the food and water bowls are on the table, it’s apparent to everyone that this table clearly belongs to the dog.




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2 thoughts on “Every Day is a Dog’s Day

  1. Very nice work and very considerate of you to think about your little guy’s comfort when eating. -Ellie


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