Let’s start with some pillow talk….

I like comfort.  Who doesn’t? Hard benches are for churches and doctors’ waiting rooms.  When I first saw the window seat in this house, I knew it would make the perfect lounging area to lie around and read a book.

The previous owners had left behind the cushions which were from outdoor furniture.  Nothing wrong with that, since they were durable, but the print just didn’t speak my language.  I shopped around for bench cushions and found that since the bench was a custom size, there would be a custom cost from $400-$700 for cushions.  That was just too much money for pillows on my budget.

So I decided to use – and reuse – what I already had on hand.  Taking color cues from the artwork I’d already hung, I got to work.

one side of window seatother side of window seat


First, I needed to cover the outdoor cushions.  I didn’t have enough peach fabric in my stash, couldn’t find any ‘locally’, so I bought muslin which I dyed.  I found Rit discontinued the color peach, so I had to make my own color recipe.  It dried a little lighter than I wanted, but I can always redye.

Then I made new covers for throw pillows I already had.  I liked this idea for a pillow cover, but since I was using yellow, I modified the idea to mimic rays of sunshine.  This involved lots of measuring and calculations….

laying out the pleats








But I feel the effort was worth it.
a ray of sunshine pillow








The big aqua pillow is just a fitted sheet I found at Target which is wrapped and tied.

I’ve seen some nice beachy throw pillows, but I either couldn’t find the right color or price, so I made my own for three small pillows I had.  The area needed a punch of bold color.  Found the turquoise fabric as a pre-cut at Michael’s (using a coupon).

starfish and coralaqua and seagrass








Didn’t have the nautical stencils on hand, so I searched clip art images and made my own of seagrass, starfish and coral.  I used the freezer paper stencil trick and fabric paint.  Painting was a little tricky since my Jacquard textile paint had dried out and the local stores no longer carry it, so I substituted another brand.   I highly recommend the Jacquard paints because they do not bleed through fabric.

So now I have a nice serene place to hang out reading with lots of natural light and comfy pillows.






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